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We’ve been busy getting this new year under way. Met up the Eastern PA RC Crawlers at Motorama in February and they gave a huge tote full of donations. So big we haven’t even got it all sorted into the bins yet.

We’ve got another build we are working on for a young man.

And the Brooklyn Bashers group is hosting a fund raiser that’s getting some amazing support behind it.

It’s going to be a great year and we are hoping to make a lot of kids smile this year!

Happy new year!

It’s been a great year. RCs 4 Kids / Crawlers 4 Kids only just started this year and we saw tremendous success. We gave rigs to 7 children this year and raised enough money to file all the government paperwork. We are truly grateful to you the supporters for this. We pray you have a blessed 2015 and we look forward to helping a lot more kids this year. Thank you for your continued donations and support!


Night crawler project

Newest project is a Losi Night Crawler build for a young man that keeps ending up in the hospital. Jason can fill in more details where appropriate. I think we have most of the parts we need already. Just going to assemble and ship. I am sure this young fellow would appreciate your prayers for a full recovery and I know he will enjoy our gift of a crawler. Thank you all for your support!

Seth gets a new truck.

Mr. John Lowe Jr became a mentor to young Seth and built him a crawler from spare donated parts. Seth has autism/asbergers and this is a perfect way for him to interact with others and have a great time while doing it. Thank you John for being there for Seth and for assembling an awesome truck. Glad we could all be a part of it.


Sam gets his Jeep!

I just love these moments!! Look at the face on Sam as he is given his Jeep from some Crawlers for Kids supporters. So happy to be a part of this. Look at these mentors loving on this kid and being a great mentor to him. This is what C4K is all about!!