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We’ve been busy getting this new year under way. Met up the Eastern PA RC Crawlers at Motorama in February and they gave a huge tote full of donations. So big we haven’t even got it all sorted into the bins yet.

We’ve got another build we are working on for a young man.

And the Brooklyn Bashers group is hosting a fund raiser that’s getting some amazing support behind it.

It’s going to be a great year and we are hoping to make a lot of kids smile this year!

A Slash for Lorkin

Lorkin is a great kid who was nominated last month and his application approved by the board. We will be building him a Slash that he can bash around in his yard.

The slash was donated last year and given to a young man, who become went on to become a sponosored driver and donated the slash back again. That’s twice now that a kid that we have helped has donated back!

The body of the slash was pretty beat, so Chad Thom from RC Endeavors rounded up some friends and they got a brand new body and are doing it up in a General Theme as per Lorkin dream.

Thank you so much to everyone everyone who has contributed, prayed, shared, and supported what we do here at C4K/RCs4Kids. You have all been amazing!


Happy new year!

It’s been a great year. RCs 4 Kids / Crawlers 4 Kids only just started this year and we saw tremendous success. We gave rigs to 7 children this year and raised enough money to file all the government paperwork. We are truly grateful to you the supporters for this. We pray you have a blessed 2015 and we look forward to helping a lot more kids this year. Thank you for your continued donations and support!


Night crawler project

Newest project is a Losi Night Crawler build for a young man that keeps ending up in the hospital. Jason can fill in more details where appropriate. I think we have most of the parts we need already. Just going to assemble and ship. I am sure this young fellow would appreciate your prayers for a full recovery and I know he will enjoy our gift of a crawler. Thank you all for your support!

Seth gets a new truck.

Mr. John Lowe Jr became a mentor to young Seth and built him a crawler from spare donated parts. Seth has autism/asbergers and this is a perfect way for him to interact with others and have a great time while doing it. Thank you John for being there for Seth and for assembling an awesome truck. Glad we could all be a part of it.


Progress on the buggy build for Jeremy

Today Jason and I made some progress on the wraith based build for Jeremy. It’s going to need some driveshafts that I don’t have yet and maybe some custom links done up to make it fit right.

Specs so far:
Axial AE-2 ESC
Axial 27t motor
Wraith axles
wraith trans
custom tube cage
wraith wheels
Integy tires
Unknown shocks

2014-05-21 22.25.34-1

Build for Jeremy

“Jeremy is a very passionate kid when it comes to the RC Crawlers. I
myself own a wraith and he enjoys going to the parks with me and
Crawling and Loves to learn about them. Jeremy comes from a split up
family with low income and his parents live week to week as many do in
this day of age. So needless to say buying him a Crawler for his
Birthday was out of the question like he asked for. Jeremy has been
saving his allowance of 5 bucks a week for the last 2 months in hopes
of someday buying his own Hobby Crawler. I wish i myself Eric could
buy him one but i was involved in a motorcycle accident leading to
back surgery. One week after my 1st Surgery i was then rear ended by a
Drunk driver and they had to cut through my stitches and perform the
surgery again. Needless to say i now have permanent Nerve damage and
drop foot and have not been able to get back into the working world as
i am a Mechanic by trade. So RC’s became a even bigger part of me as i
can still work on a car/truck that are just scaled down. But i thank
you guys for this opportunity and I know this is going to make
Jeremy’s Year and mean so much to him. Thank you guys.” ~ Eric Lower (Jeremy’s mentor)

For Jeremy we are building a custom metal caged wraith. We have the cage and the electronics already. The trans is on it’s way thanks to Matthew Ottman, who also send wheels and tires that will fit this. We just need to round up some axles and make some links. A set of new axles costs about $150. If you would like to donate towards those axles please PayPal gift and put Jeremys rig in the notes.


2014-05-07 20.50.58-1

See Sam get his Jeep!

I just love being a part of this. Bob Walkup of ABBC Raceway delivered this rig to Sam and agreed to be one of his mentors. Everyone at this track has stepped up huge in this young mans life. I just can’t stop smiling watching the video.

This is what it’s all about. Making a difference one kid at a time!

Sam gets his Jeep!

I just love these moments!! Look at the face on Sam as he is given his Jeep from some Crawlers for Kids supporters. So happy to be a part of this. Look at these mentors loving on this kid and being a great mentor to him. This is what C4K is all about!!

A Jeep for Sam

Sam was sponsored by Bob Walkup as a kid who has a few special needs, but seems to really do well socially when it involves RC trucks.

For Sam we built a Jeep Cherokee based off an SCX10 chassis and axles.  Parts were all provided thru donation and it turned out really great.

Specs on this one:
Scx10 frame modified
Scx10 axles: cleaned and greased
Wraith trans: cleaned and greased
WP 1040 brushed waterproof speed control
HPI 55t motor
Custom metal rear bumper
Dingo front bumper
Axial wheels
Out cropper tires
Proline Jeep body for emax
Wild boar drive shafts
Onyx battery and charger
And of course CowRC pit Matt and trays

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