A Jeep for Sam

Sam was sponsored by Bob Walkup as a kid who has a few special needs, but seems to really do well socially when it involves RC trucks.

For Sam we built a Jeep Cherokee based off an SCX10 chassis and axles.  Parts were all provided thru donation and it turned out really great.

Specs on this one:
Scx10 frame modified
Scx10 axles: cleaned and greased
Wraith trans: cleaned and greased
WP 1040 brushed waterproof speed control
HPI 55t motor
Custom metal rear bumper
Dingo front bumper
Axial wheels
Out cropper tires
Proline Jeep body for emax
Wild boar drive shafts
Onyx battery and charger
And of course CowRC pit Matt and trays

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